Envious of movie montages

A similar feeling that I usually get during my month of exams, has at last returned for my 4th school exam period. The feeling is an ache for a wonderful movie style montage of my month. I can see it now…..

1. I take my books out of my bag and slam a heavy textbook on the desk, I open it.

2. I stare blankly at a computer screen

3: I write ferouisly on a piece of paper, titled: study notes

4. Drinking coffee

5. Drinking redbul

6. Falling asleep, a friend pokes me awake

7. Surrounded by a pile of books, It is a wonder how I will get out

8. Random push- up scene to follow the montage code

9. Close up on a calendar with a day circled in red with “Exam”  written

10. Walking nervously to a large auditorium with desks

11. staring blankly

12. Walking out and throwing my notes in the trash

The music would be upbeat and intense. The whole montage would only last about 2 minutes. It would be painless, easy.

But, I always come to the conclusion that my life is not a movie and I have to put in the work. When I am back in a month I will be expanding my blog, and putting up everything I had hoped it would be when I started it.


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View from up here

I made this illustration during a random period of fuzzy, warm thoughts, mixed with a touch of endless- possibilities- sky -is- the-limit attitude. I have no idea where they came from, but now that you know what they are maybe you understand my inspiration for this graphic. Suddenly my elephant just had to fly! I didn’t want a Dumbo-esque image but rather something that still had the shoe, and where the “pilot” was not in control of the flight. I guess that’s why I ended up with a balloon, they float in a romantic way wherever the winds take them. They also represent vulnerability, you can never know when they will pop. But you take the chance just to experience the view from way up high. I guess that is what love promises too.

So here’s to hoping that balloon never bursts! And that everyone gets a chance to feel this way.

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Laughing at the truth

When I saw this I laughed for a good 5 minutes. Then read it to any of my friends who would listen because in a satire sort of sense it is true. Since starting school I gained 15 pounds (how benign of me) and drank way more then I would have thought possible back in high school. What about the last point though? Becoming dumber would be an easy inference from the other two facts, however this one is much more complicated.

I have become dumber when it comes to awareness, and by this I mean that I no longer know what happens outside of my campus bubble. I don’t read anything; because if I am not reading a textbook I would be trying to fail. I don’t have t.v , so no news. And on the internet I waste time with facebook, foodgawking and well obviously: blogging! So I have no idea about world events. This is really upsetting, considering university should be preparing students that will enter the world with fresh ideas and eagerness to make an impact on society. How can we possibly do this, if we have no idea what happens out there? Maybe it’s my degree, maybe its me, but I am sure I could find others who agree.

That seems like a conclusion, but wait….not all is lost!

I do feel as if I have gained an impressive amount of knowledge in my studies. I now learn things that actually stick to my mind, and make connections between my courses in a fashion that would make any curriculum designer cry of happiness. I have also learned priceless life lessons through trials that you would be pressed to find anywhere but school. I hate to say so, because I know some people can not go to school. But, the information you gain from meeting new people everywhere, living with people who arn’t your family, and trying to standout in a pond that isn’t just a puddle is honestly immense and worth every lonely, stressful, tired hour you pay to get it. The biggest single thing you learn is how to run your own life. You have all the “free” time in the world. What you do with this fact is what makes University happen, and really is the verdict on wether you learn anything of real importance at all.

Ironically, I spent my “free” time to find this picture so I probably shouldn’t be preaching. I am happy to say that the statement in the photo offers a good laugh worth of truths, while starting a friendly competition with myself to prove it wrong. Since I already feel smarter, I guess I better get to the gym and slow down on the weekend shinagans.

or I might just watch college forwards and save myself a lot of trouble…. it is one hell of a good time.


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Summer day dreamin’

I love school, and I get a very twisted emotion at this time a year because I also love summer. Summer and school don’t go together though. School is 5 hrs from my hometown, and that’s where I go back to once exams are done. I absolutely love the city and my friends at school. But, I love summer days when there is no study stress, no cold and just more free time. I wish I could have both. However before either happens there are some barriers:

  1. Exams
  2. Labs (worst thing ever)
  3. Summer job?? I need one still.
  4. Living arrangements for next year

I have got an ambitious summer in head of me and I should probably put these down in writing somewhere so that I actually do it.

  1. Get my grade 12 physics credit so that I can take my university credit in physics
  2. Get my scuba license
  3. Make at least 6000$ for school (better get freelancing)
  4. Visit Port Elgin (one of my best friend and roommate lives there) and Tober Mory
  5. Go to Cleveland with roommate
  6. Expand my art and photography BIG TIME, make this blog happen.  Travel segments, graphic art, pets, craft, art, photos, expansion on my dreams and where I am going.
  7. Continue exercise
  8. Build my rents website
  9. Make a budget for my next few years
  10. Decide where I will travel
  11. Add to this list because I know there is more

I really have got to stop rambling about useless and clearly boring stuff on here.

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A Quote that works

Wondering around on the internet, I found this quote. I have decided that it is really true and relates to my recent end of a friendship. I am afraid that she thinks I sit around mopping about how she’s gone and over the fact that she harshly judged my personality. But, she doesn’t realize that I don’t notice, because I have a lot of other stuff going for me and many other friends who don’t feel the way she does. This quote represents my decision to move forward. It is also a warning to anyone who has ever been jealous of someone. Did you ever think they had a motive behind their happiness besides its great feeling? And that motive was to piss you off? Because that’s what I am doing, and it is working- like a charm.

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Sick on the weekend= lots of movies watched

So from my title its obvious I was sick this weekend. Well I may have also watched 4 movies this weekend. They were all pretty good actually which is unusual. I am not a harsh movie critic but I do decide based on the feeling after a movie.

1. Minority Report: really cool and sci fi with an uncalled for ending and plot.

2. Dragon Heart: Kind of old and slower, but still really touching.

3. Lucky Slevin: I really liked this, I vaguely remeber seeing it before but the writing is just awesome, and it really surprises you at the end.

4. Shawshank Redemption: BY FAR MY FAVORITE. This movie deserves its rank high on movie lists. It is everything you want in a movie: powerful characters, conflict, moving, and with a pace. This movie left me feeling so high spirited and thoughtful.

“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’ ” is just one of the many amazing quotes in this movie. Watch it! I can’t describe the emotions it invokes.

Well it’s sunday now, Sunday means study time…..

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Tripepper Salad

Tripepper Salad

My first recipe! and my first picture of food. oh my. I really do hope I can improve.
Story behind recipe: (always usually the same thing) I was at the grocery store and the food was cheap! So multicolored peppers went on sale (aka the green ones cost as much as the other ones, and its seems like they are all the same price 🙂 )

Other factors: It was my birthday this week so I treated myself by buying feta cheese.



This recipe calls for any amount of the following things. Really whatever you have on hand.

  • Peppers (as many colours as you want)
  • Cucumbers (optional)
  • Olive Oil
  • Feta Cheese
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Sesame seeds (optional)

How to make:

  1. Cut up the peppers and cucumbers ( about 3 halfs of peppers: half cucumber ratio) and place in bowl
  2. Pour in enough olive oil to coat all of the vegetables
  3. Next put in a bit of balsamic vinegar depending on how much tang you like
  4. Sesame seeds
  5. Dash of pepper
  6. As much feta cheese as you want (crumbled) I used a lot! 🙂

Why this rocks:

Keeps for a long time! Easy to make (like 10 mins), easy to pack up and take to school

What it tastes like:

Each pepper crunches in your mouth with varying textures, the cucumber adds even more texture and moisture. The feta cheese is soft and goes well with this combination!

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