SO here it goes. My first post.

I guess I should start by saying that I really don’t expect anyone to read this. But it is more so that I can force myself to complete many projects that I have wanted to for so long.

I also need this as a reminder that – on the terrible days where I have studied so long that my brain is asleep, my eyes are blurred and there seems to be no good in life – im an idoit. LIFE rocks! So my blog name is just me saying (maybe while rocking back and forth in fetal posistion) that: I LOVE YOU LIFE. and That I am living the elephant shoe life, where I love it. Wow that’s a circle I am going to have a hard time living up too.

So my posts will probably span the large spectrum that is my life, because if I am going to start admitting things about my self already, its that I like way to many things. So expect things ranging from: food, fights, pets, travels, dreams, academics, and even some shameless self love.


p.s.. I thought I might be able to improve my writing skills by writing every day.


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