Laughing at the truth

When I saw this I laughed for a good 5 minutes. Then read it to any of my friends who would listen because in a satire sort of sense it is true. Since starting school I gained 15 pounds (how benign of me) and drank way more then I would have thought possible back in high school. What about the last point though? Becoming dumber would be an easy inference from the other two facts, however this one is much more complicated.

I have become dumber when it comes to awareness, and by this I mean that I no longer know what happens outside of my campus bubble. I don’t read anything; because if I am not reading a textbook I would be trying to fail. I don’t have t.v , so no news. And on the internet I waste time with facebook, foodgawking and well obviously: blogging! So I have no idea about world events. This is really upsetting, considering university should be preparing students that will enter the world with fresh ideas and eagerness to make an impact on society. How can we possibly do this, if we have no idea what happens out there? Maybe it’s my degree, maybe its me, but I am sure I could find others who agree.

That seems like a conclusion, but wait….not all is lost!

I do feel as if I have gained an impressive amount of knowledge in my studies. I now learn things that actually stick to my mind, and make connections between my courses in a fashion that would make any curriculum designer cry of happiness. I have also learned priceless life lessons through trials that you would be pressed to find anywhere but school. I hate to say so, because I know some people can not go to school. But, the information you gain from meeting new people everywhere, living with people who arn’t your family, and trying to standout in a pond that isn’t just a puddle is honestly immense and worth every lonely, stressful, tired hour you pay to get it. The biggest single thing you learn is how to run your own life. You have all the “free” time in the world. What you do with this fact is what makes University happen, and really is the verdict on wether you learn anything of real importance at all.

Ironically, I spent my “free” time to find this picture so I probably shouldn’t be preaching. I am happy to say that the statement in the photo offers a good laugh worth of truths, while starting a friendly competition with myself to prove it wrong. Since I already feel smarter, I guess I better get to the gym and slow down on the weekend shinagans.

or I might just watch college forwards and save myself a lot of trouble…. it is one hell of a good time.



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2 responses to “Laughing at the truth

  1. The truth has this resonating quality to it. You have a great voice. Love to find out how your story turns out. Mind if I subscribed?

    • Thank you for your complements. I really hope to improve my voice with this blog, and since I just started I hope that I can make a lot of ground! 🙂 I would love for you to subscribe! In fact, thank you for being number 1.

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