Summer day dreamin’

I love school, and I get a very twisted emotion at this time a year because I also love summer. Summer and school don’t go together though. School is 5 hrs from my hometown, and that’s where I go back to once exams are done. I absolutely love the city and my friends at school. But, I love summer days when there is no study stress, no cold and just more free time. I wish I could have both. However before either happens there are some barriers:

  1. Exams
  2. Labs (worst thing ever)
  3. Summer job?? I need one still.
  4. Living arrangements for next year

I have got an ambitious summer in head of me and I should probably put these down in writing somewhere so that I actually do it.

  1. Get my grade 12 physics credit so that I can take my university credit in physics
  2. Get my scuba license
  3. Make at least 6000$ for school (better get freelancing)
  4. Visit Port Elgin (one of my best friend and roommate lives there) and Tober Mory
  5. Go to Cleveland with roommate
  6. Expand my art and photography BIG TIME, make this blog happen.  Travel segments, graphic art, pets, craft, art, photos, expansion on my dreams and where I am going.
  7. Continue exercise
  8. Build my rents website
  9. Make a budget for my next few years
  10. Decide where I will travel
  11. Add to this list because I know there is more

I really have got to stop rambling about useless and clearly boring stuff on here.


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