About Me

Im a student at the University of Ottawa.

That statement defines where I am right now in life. I study. I eat. I sleep. I repeat. Every now and again, and sometimes again and again I throw in some partying, working out, and art!

This blog is my place to remind myself when studying in the late night hours how much I LOVE YOU LIFE, (yes, its a pastime of mine to talk to myself) directly derived from the name of my blog “Elephant shoe life” . Most people know that mouthing “Elephant shoe” looks like “I love you” so that is why I decided to give my blog that name. I also wanted it to mean that I want to live the “Elephant shoe” kind of life, where I appreciate and love everything. Honestly I am not sure if the name makes sense to anyone but me. Either way, the blog header gets to be cute, because who doesn’t love elephants in shoes?

Other than that I am obsessed with: traveling, snorkeling, horses, turtles and of course elephants.

So I am going to encourage everyone to proclaim when the times get a little hectic: “I love you, life!” Because really, why wouldn’t you?


p.s beware the elephant shoe puns will take on a life of their own. Anytime I say Elephant Shoe ____ = I love you _____. Or if I say Elephant ______= I love _______

“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’ ”


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