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Envious of movie montages

A similar feeling that I usually get during my month of exams, has at last returned for my 4th school exam period. The feeling is an ache for a wonderful movie style montage of my month. I can see it now…..

1. I take my books out of my bag and slam a heavy textbook on the desk, I open it.

2. I stare blankly at a computer screen

3: I write ferouisly on a piece of paper, titled: study notes

4. Drinking coffee

5. Drinking redbul

6. Falling asleep, a friend pokes me awake

7. Surrounded by a pile of books, It is a wonder how I will get out

8. Random push- up scene to follow the montage code

9. Close up on a calendar with a day circled in red with “Exam” ¬†written

10. Walking nervously to a large auditorium with desks

11. staring blankly

12. Walking out and throwing my notes in the trash

The music would be upbeat and intense. The whole montage would only last about 2 minutes. It would be painless, easy.

But, I always come to the conclusion that my life is not a movie and I have to put in the work. When I am back in a month I will be expanding my blog, and putting up everything I had hoped it would be when I started it.


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The joys of exam crunch

Don’t you just love that feeling of saying “Today’s the day?” When you say it, it sounds so absolute, and it sounds so real, so filled with the possibility of actually being that day. Well when it comes down to it, the feeling quickly changes to: “Cant tomorrow be the day?” And that is pretty much my life in a nutshell. I am a procrastinator. yep. I can admit it, I even will use it as a personality trait. But I still dont do anything about it, because you know what day it will never be? “Today’s the day I won’t procrastinate”

So naturally when that sweet spot of 3 weeks before exams rolls around, and I have a whole lotta work to do (understatement of the century (funnily enough this points out my obsession with overstatements #3 because I am sure someone has made a bigger understatement) ).

Back to the point. This morning I got up “today’s the day I am going to start studying” it felt so good, it even felt like I was going to enjoy it while it happened.

But, when I finally sat down, I did nothing. It didnt feel nice anymore. It felt like the real deal: a s*** load of work.

Yep. But its exam crunch. And I know nothing will feel worse than looking at a bunch of bad grades after the fact. SO GET TO IT EMMA!!!!!

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